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Cary Kokkonen
Managing Partner

We are a creative agency working globally

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We are a collaborative group of award-winning strategic, creative and marketing professionals. Our unique approach combines strategic thinking, award-winning creative, technology, lead generation, sales and customer service expertise to create your complete brand experience. If you are looking to collaborate and position your organization or project for tomorrow’s marketplace we have the insight and thought leadership to do the job today. Ultimately, we’re all about delivering on your “Brand Promise” and improve your ROI. Let’s KLBR8!

(BTW ...we ourselves weren’t afraid of change. After 25 years, we’ve rebranded and retooled our organization with a more collaborative way of doing business.
Our global teams provide you more access to better talent and experience, resulting in better solutions and value to our clients. *Formerly Toolbox Strategies Inc. )

Provide better industry knowledge

Our deep industry knowledge in development,production, product design,operations and customerlifestyle expectations helpus identify and develop theclient competitiveadvantages neccessary tocreate the most effectivemarketing strategy

Develop road map to success

Partnering with our clients we develop a powerful road map that results in a better-positioned project, a more comprehensiveand cost-effective educational campaign, stronger brand loyalty with happier , better-informed customers. This results better communications , more leads, faster sales and more success.

Create results oriented solutions

Using intelligence, insight and imagination, we craft powerful strategies, exceptional design , technology, lead generation , sales and customer service strategies. This results in a completely integral brand experience and a leadership driven competitive advantage.

Resulting in less risk and more rewards

KLBR8 clients profit from our solutions. They are better informed, making better decisions removing risk at every step. They also experience the reward of market leadership and stronger brand loyalty in each of their regions from making better choices with KLBR8.

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We are an international team of talented people with various skills. Together we develop solid marketing strategies, narratives and engaging design for cultural and commercial organisations.

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We also win (.) awards, which gives us the chance to do some amazing things.

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