KLBR8 Brand



Client: Branthaven

Focus: Brand Concept, Marketing Strategy, Design, Illustrations, Sales Collateral Materials, Ad Campaigns, Lead Gen, Social and Sales Presentation Interior Design.

There’s an expression in French, la douceur de la vie, which literally translates as the sweetness of life, or a life that is easy, relaxed, pleasurable, qualities associated with an affluent life style and an affluent community. We would argue that Oakville exudes those qualities so the Introduction should frame Oakville as a place where homeowners can LIFE THE LIFE and is readily available to all its residents because of the town’s unique qualities: its history, lifestyle, and its unparalleled community-wide amenities. THE STORY OF “O”— OAKVILLE, FOR A LIFE THAT IS RICH & REWARDING. This masterplanned community in midtown Oakville was Branthaven's multi-phased vision to position their brand as the premier lifestyle brands in Toronto's west end.

Oakvillage’s community brand is truly experiential! It is a soft, subtle and sensual “selling tool” and a reflection of the target groups – young professionals and starter families desire to live a quality lifestyle. The visitor is immediately engaged and “embraced” by sensuous lifestyle imagery and a unique introduction– a genuine and personal brand message from Branthaven’s owner Steve Stipsits.

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